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Krav Maga for Adult (leaned real life of self-defense)
Krav Maga is a real world martial arts system that was developed in Hungary and Israel by founder Imi Sde-Or, as a direct response to dealing with fascist anti-Semitic violence. Protege Eyal Yanilov, is the Head Instructor for Krav Maga Global and KMG - USA, and has further organized and systemized Krav Maga over the last 30 years.
Krav Maga is a practical and tactical system aimed at training how to neutralize threat and protect through self-defense, as well as how to acquire fighting skills when an offensive strategy is required.
In Hebrew, Krav means 'combat' and Maga means 'contact'. Krav Maga is the ultimate combat training system in the world, offering the quickest and most efficient counter-attacks.
Easy to learn with logical progression; natural and intuitive to perform, practical to employ under stressful situations; and encouraging a tactical and technical approach to self-defense and combat. The key to Krav Maga is the teaching process, methodology, and training style

Adult Krav Maga